Of the entire classical repertoire, chamber music is considered by many to be the most rewarding for both players and listeners. It is rich in the most intimate and treasured works by both classical and modern composers. The proximity of the audience to the performers gives chamber music a special energy, and each musician can bring their best and unique contribution. The expert technical musicianship and the obvious mutual respect and communication between the players really connect with the audience.

We are so fortunate that the auditorium at the Bollington Arts Centre combines intimacy with a wonderful acoustic that both visiting musicians and audiences love. For over thirty years, Bollington Chamber Concerts have brought the very best musicians to Bollington. Many have been young ensembles that have continued to stellar careers; others have been established groups at their peak.

It is hard to describe in words the vibrancy and excitement generated by a live performance – something that can never be captured by radio or recorded music.

The Arts Centre is fully equipped for disabled access. If you would like a reserved parking place at the entrance level, please let us know. We realise that transport to the Arts Centre on a Saturday evening can be difficult if you do not have a car or a lift. Please let us know and we shall try to help: contact us by Email